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ARTICLE FRANCE BLEU - How do you tan on the Côte d'Azur?

On the Côte-d'Azur you sunbathe on the sandy or pebble beaches under the sometimes overwhelming sun. In Cannet, Luc and Alexandra Dessauvages created "Bikunu" : swimsuits that leave no trace!

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to tanning. On the Côte-d'Azur, there are those who protect themselves from the too powerful rays and others who lounge around looking for the swimsuit brand. To avoid this brand, Luc and Alexandra Dessauvages created the brand "Bikunu" in Antibes: a magical swimsuit that leaves no marks.

Everyone has their own behavior when facing the sun

Carine, on vacation with her family in Nice, protects the children first: " We took long-sleeved swim shirts, cream, parasols and lots of water. " Other tourists also seek shade, like Maria and her friend. Hats screwed on their heads, they never go out without a parasol or sunscreen. They are Australian and yet say that the sun is stronger in their country of origin. These two tourists therefore keep their habits.

But there are also Parisians delighted to be able to take a bath in vitamin D. Ryan has his Monoï spread on him and the bottle within reach. "I usually live far from the beach so I'm taking advantage of it", he laughs. A little further, Gabriel is also Parisian. And he enjoys the rays of the sun in the same way. What he prefers about his summer tan is especially the swimsuit marks: "When you come home and compare, you have the feeling of work accomplished!"

You know the "Bikunu" ? The swimsuit without a trace!

Véronique is from the Riviera. She hates swimsuit brands. But luckily she found a solution, a local one at that: Bikunu! The company based in Le Cannet designs swimsuits that let the sun's rays pass through for an even tan. "I discovered the brand last year when it came out, and since then I haven't been delighted, not a single trace, she laughs.

The co-founder of the brand is called Luc Dessauvages. It was during his previous professional activity that he and his wife had the idea of creating this swimsuit brand that was not quite like the others. " We took people by canoe near the islands of Cannes and we spent nearly 15 hours a day exposed to the sun at sea... I'll let you imagine the result ", he quips. He even has an anecdote: " I called my partner 'my little deer' in reference to the white triangle of her buttocks! "

So they discovered an ultra-light material which allows certain UV rays necessary for tanning to pass through without letting dangerous rays pass through. Models exist for women and men. According to Véronique: " the colors are exotic as are the shapes ". She concludes: " Today, I can't do without it!"

Author: Julia BEAUFILS

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