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Article VIEDELUXE.FR We tested Bikunu, the swimsuit that doesn't leave tan marks!

Author Laure Pierre July 11, 2023.

Original article:

Sporting tanned skin free of bikini or clothing marks and seeing yourself all tanned in the mirror, wouldn't that give you a pretty smile? If tanning in the simplest form is prohibited on public beaches, it is today possible to have a complete and uniform tan over the entire body, thanks to Bikunu, a French brand which offers transtanning swimsuits made in a revolutionary textile that filters the sun's rays and allows you to have a 100% even tan! At the editorial office, we tested it and we loved it!

Forget topless or swim thong so as not to have any trace of the swimsuit on the buttocks! Make way for swimwear from Bikunu, a young brand launched by Cannettans Luc and Alexandra Dessauvages who have developed a summer line of beachwear made from a revolutionary textile labeled Oeko-Tex. This patented fabric, which is made in Europe, filters UV radiation to allow only 8% of UVB and 20% of UVA to pass through.

The secret of these swimsuits does not lie only in the textile used: the colors, patterns, design of the seams and shapes are specially designed to promote tanning, and are responsible for 50% of the effectiveness bathing suits. It only takes a few tanning sessions to make the white marks disappear and get a full tan. Magic ! You should also know that each new design from the Brand goes through a laboratory to check that the ranges and intensity of the radiation filtered by the swimsuits are optimal, to obtain a uniform tan without the risk of burning. However, to get a goddess tan, there are a few rules to follow. To avoid being transformed into a crayfish and to protect yourself from UV rays, do not expose yourself without sunscreen, because by wearing a transtanning swimsuit, it is as if you were tanning naked! (

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