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Discover the first Anti UV + Tan through Women’s T-shirt

  • Ideal for water activities, paddle, kayak, boating, surfing, etc...
  • The patented fabric selects UV rays to allow only those useful for tanning to pass through.
  • The patented fabric stops all harmful UV rays.
  • Highly breathable fabric.
  • Fast drying.
  • Permanent feeling of freshness even in direct sunlight.
  • Find your size in our guide


Composition : 81% polyester, 19% Lycra


You can match your t-shirt to your 2023 jersey.


Women's Anti UV + Tan through T-shirt


Here are some tips for getting an even tan:

Do not apply sunscreen under the textile.

It is imperative to apply sunscreen corresponding to the nature of your skin on the uncovered areas.

For information, the best results are obtained with LOVÉA 30 FPS dry oil or any equivalent oil.


Delivery 3 to 7 Days


3x secure payment without fees


7/7 customer service


Return within 15 days

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