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  • What size for my swimsuit?
    How to take your measurements? The chest measurement: is taken horizontally at the level of the tip of the breasts The pool tour: in the strongest place See references: MEN’S SIZES WOMEN’S SIZES
  • How to get an even tan with minimal marks?
    The secret is to give the covered areas time to catch up with the uncovered areas The textile acts as sun protection while only allowing UV A & B necessary for tanning, so there is no need to apply cream underneath. You tan 3x slower under your swimsuit, so you need to slow down the tanning of uncovered areas with a minimum index of 30 until it balances out. All you have to do is move the strings of your swimsuit from time to time because, being doubled, the sun's rays do not pass through.
  • What does the sun protection factor (SPF or SFP) correspond to?
    The protection index (IP) or Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the level of protection against UVB. It is therefore important to refer to it to choose a product adapted to your skin type, as well as to the conditions of exposure to the sun. This protection is expressed in the form of a numerical index (6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 50+), mandatory displayed on all products. The higher it is, the stronger the sun protection. This index actually reflects the time during which it is possible to expose yourself before getting sunburned. ​ The calculation is simple: you have to take the number of minutes after which the skin generally gets sunburned without sun protection (15 minutes, for example), and multiply this number by the IP. With an IP 10, for example, we obtain 15 minutes x IP10 = 150 minutes. In this case, the sunburn will appear after approximately 150 minutes (2h30). Please note, these are theoretical calculations and, in reality, other factors come into play, such as your skin phototype and the UV intensity, where you are. (source BIAFINE)
  • How can a fabric become a sun filter?
    The special polyester or polyamide yarn has a property that blocks most burning UV-B rays, but allows the passage of a sufficient percentage of browning UV-A rays. The fabrics used work like sunscreen.
  • Can you tan without UV-B rays?
    No, the fabric used has been woven in a very special way so that a small percentage of the sun's UV-B rays pass through the tiny openings between the weave stitches. The wearer needs this small percentage to trigger the melanogenesis mechanism.
  • Can the wearer get blisters and peeling after “sunbathing”?
    No! We have established that because only a small percentage of the sun's UV-B rays reach the skin, the skin is never burned or damaged and therefore there is no peeling. On the contrary, we have established that a UV-A tan has a longer lifespan than when tanning is done by the sun, either unprotected or with the use of sun lotion. However, it is advisable to regularly check the level of tan under the fabric, especially during the first exposures with very white skin.
  • What is the risk of breast cancer?
    According to the ARC, there is no established link between sun exposure and breast cancer. https://www A diet rich in vitamin D combined with regular exposure to the sun would even reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. See the study by clicking on the link below: On the other hand, too prolonged and too frequent exposure can damage the skin or even cause the appearance of skin cancer.
  • Does the Bikunu brand have a virtuous and environmentally friendly process?
    The fabrics used as well as the printing process are labeled Oeko-tex. The making of our swimsuits uses approximately 50% less fabric than a standard lined swimsuit. All our packaging is made from recycled or "Reuse" like the PVC pouch which allows you to put your wet swimsuit in it for years. We have been using the services of Collissimo for shipments as they are carbon neutral since 2012. Part of the production is entrusted to a company employing people with disabilities. All our production is located in France and largely on the Côte d'Azur to favor local and French jobs. The fabrics are made in Europe using environmentally friendly processes. Our vehicles are hybrid or electric All our lighting is LED. Our premises are heated by a heat pump.

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